Production of industrial technical textile tapes for more than 40 years

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Founded in 1975, thanks to extensive research and development, Panatex focuses on the production of industrial technical tapes, bringing to the sector the high precision and care over the details that have distinguished it from the start. Panatex textiles products, entirely made in Italy, are used in the production of motors, cables, transformers, electromagnetic and in the electrotechnical sector in general. Today, the company is still distinguished above all for the efficiency of the service and for the production of made-to-measure technical fabrics.

Since July 2022 it has been a ISO 9001:2015 certified company, an important achievement, which confirms the high quality standards of the company's products and processes.

production of technical textile tapes


Panatex produces technical textiles thanks to the use of technologically advanced looms, controlling the creation of the products step by step, from the assembly of the fibres to the packaging.

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